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Reflecting on the adventure 11/09/2014
Where are the students? 11/09/2014
New Yorkers in the house! 11/08/2014
Wonky thoughts: Sundays in the park and on the streets 11/08/2014
Back in a Big City 11/04/2014
Celebrating San Miguel in SMA 10/31/2014
Callejoneadas 10/31/2014
GTO en Red Series 10/27/2014
Guanajuato, Guanajuato 10/27/2014
Beautiful México 10/09/2014
Shiny, New Subway 10/07/2014
Wonky thoughts: Panama City's Casco Viejo 10/07/2014
Partying with the Panamanians 10/07/2014
Wonky thoughts: Dueling Canals 09/21/2014
Colonial Architecture and Island Rainbows 09/21/2014
Puebla, home of the Mexican Revolution 08/29/2014
Big trip to Little Corn Island 08/06/2014
Leaving the La Mariposa Nest 08/04/2014
Wonky thoughts: Bad NGO. Bad! 08/04/2014
A day in Leon provides an introduction to American history 06/12/2014
Libertad for an anteater 06/12/2014
File under lesson learned 06/01/2014
Part Three Begins! 05/30/2014
Introducing Wonky Thoughts 05/12/2014
Roman Holiday, Only Better 05/11/2014
Week One: Hitting the road 04/20/2014
Why I'm Breaking Away 04/11/2014